Hello there! If you are here, I’m guessing you are interested in starting a business and want to learn how to sell crystals and minerals to the world. And since you are on this page, you are likely wondering why you should listen to anything on this website. While the ‘specific who I am’ is not important, and I will not be sharing that (because this page is not about me or promoting myself), I can tell you that I have been running a six-figure crystal shop for several years, before the ‘Covid Crystal Crew’ became a thing and 10 million new shops popped up.

In addition to my first hand experience selling crystals, I also have a Bachelors of Business and Marketing. I have owned several businesses over the years including starting one of the top selling crystal infused bath & body companies. After selling my share of that company, I started my journey into selling crystals, and left my full-time job in early 2020, right before the whole pandemic took over. Great timing right?!?!

I do not know everything on earth, but I do know enough about this industry to give you a boost. But be warned, this is not going to be a ‘sugar coated’ advice page. You may not like my style, but I’m going to be real, I’m not going to be babying you along the way. I’m going to give you tons of great information (for FREE, never paying, although if you click on some links it will help me with a small commission that won’t cost you anything), but I’m also going to be blunt at times. There WILL be things you don’t want to hear, but I promise if you take them to heart they will help you in the long run.

On this website you will find tons of information and tips on how to sell crystals, where to find wholesale crystals and tips as well. You will find advice and sources for packing your crystal orders, how to set shop rules and boundaries for your customers so you don’t go nuts. We will even chat about finding and traveling to gem shows like the big Tucson Gem Show, and so much more!

So let’s help you get a SUCCESSFUL crystal shop up and running!!