Resources for Crystal Shops

Resources for Crystal Shops

While you’ll find more details on each of these crystal shop resources throughout the website, here is a quick guide to some of our favorite crystal shop resources and necessities especially for those who work from your home! Some of these are affiliate links. They will not cost you anything, it will just help keep this website going as the websites will pay a tiny commission to me. Thanks!

If you are looking for wholesale crystals visit the page I dedicated to that exact topic!


Shipping Supply Companies (national or a large service area): Uline, PaperMart (my personal go-to), Larsen Packaging

Quality Poly Mailers (envelopes) at Low Quantities

Rollo Label Printer – If you ship more than 20 orders at a time, it is the BEST investment I’ve made to save time. They DO have a new wireless version, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Off-Brand Rollo Labels

Full Sheet Labels – If you aren’t ready for a label printer, I used these sheets for labels for years. They allow you to stick on labels (printed on a regular printer) without tape.



Pricing Scale – One of the best things I ever bought! You can easily determine prices (or at least an estimate) based on weight. Just set it on the scale, select the price per pound or kilo and it will tell you how much it should be. (yes technically it’s a food scale)

Gram Scale – for the baby gems you’ll need a gram and carat scale. You’ll have to calculate price.

Travel Tape Measure – Key for going to gem shows, especially if you are trying to keep items under the USPS flat rate box sizes. This set has lasted me for years!


If you are new to crystals and looking to start your crystal business PLEASE make sure you familiarize yourself with crystals. Here are a couple really good resource books.

The Crystal Bible

The Book of Stones

Encyclopedia of Crystals


Classic Clear Sphere Stands – Whether you need them for your own, or want to give these away to customers with sphere purchases, this is a pretty good price without having to buy 100.

Stand for Small Crystal Points – Because sometimes you need a stand for these little babies. Bonus, it DOES fit in an IKEA cube cubby.

Large Metal Storage Racks – You’ll PROBABLY want more shelves. What I did was buy an extra unit and just used the shelves on my other racks. It’s cheaper than buying separate shelves. These can hold quite a bit of weight! Smaller One and a Larger One

Small Clear Bins – great for things like palm stones, raw chunks and more. They can stack too!


Websites to Sell – Shopify (I use this one), WooCommerce on WordPress (you’ll need a BlueHost or other hosting company as well), Etsy, or eBay are the most common.

Later App – for scheduling social media posts.

Contractors – You can find tons of great freelancers to help with things like website programming, blog writers, graphic designers and more. There are two favorites Upwork and Fiverr. They are a bit different styles than each other, which I’ll write about more soon.

Canva – I was not a big Canva person until recently, but it is a super easy way to make graphics and designs for your business!

Zazzle – Zazzle is an awesome resource for crystal shops as you can find tons of templates for printing business cards, shirts, market essentials (like tablecloths, signs, etc.).  Not only can you find pre-made templates that you can just add your info, but you can usually edit them heavily as well.  Or you can always upload your own logo and designs too.  And you don’t have to order in quantities which is even better.



I use Swagbucks to do as much of my supply shopping as possible. You can earn cash back toward gift cards just by going through their links. Sites like Vista Print, PaperMart, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and so much more! If you use my Swagbucks link you will earn a 300 point bonus by earning 300 points in 30 days. Each 100 points is $1 and add up surprisingly quick! I earned 8000 points just from 1 Vistaprint order!

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